Visual Artist
Sale of artistic creations and furnishings…..artistic renovations.


“Imagination should have no boundaries or rules, let go and let your creativity express itself in many different ways…..create with the same fervor with which you live your life » Mellys D.



The site proposes singular artistic creations and furnishings: each item is unique!

My universe is creativity ! Paintings, jewellery, lamps, furniture, mainly created using found objects which are recycled, reclaimed, remade using recycled wood and natural paint, always endeavouring to respect the environment. I also use beautiful and rare materials and fabrics, that I pick up on my travels.

I love the diversity of the arts, painting, sculpture, crafts, architecture, the natural world and have been inspired by them since childhood. This has made my taste very eclectic!


Artistic renovation is my special avocation


I am inspired, whatever the type of furnishings I find or am given, to rediscover their elegance and beauty.

Nowadays in our consumer society, everyone buys the same things and the world is standardised.

I hope to go against this current, giving new life to these objects that have been forgotten or fallen out of use, and putting my personal stamp on them.

These objects can recover their ‘soul’ and have become an integral part of my brand Mellys D.


You will find in « ARTY'sanat », talented artists and artisans that are promoted by our site. We believe that it is important to get the word out about these talented and little known artists.